1. Member Registration

Membership registration is not needed for the use of facilities except to use computers. Your ID is needed when you register as a member. Membership card is free of charge(discount points for future visits/ 5%)
*Elementary school students and younger need to be accompanied by guardian. *No membership and renewal charges. *Member's card can be used in all branches.

2. Choose a room and a duration of stay

Please choose a room and a duration of stay.
*The types of rooms and durations of stay vary from branch.

3. Enjoy yourself at CUSTOMA CAFE

Get a drink you want at the drink station, and have a good time with reading comics, magazines or newspapers, playing online games, surfing the internet, and watching PC videos during your stay.

4. Payment

After using facilities/rooms, please present the receipt at the front counter before leaving. Please note that extra charges for exceeding the time limit will be included. We are looking forward to seeing you again very soon.
*The types of rooms and durations of stay available vary across branches.