New Open!

Dec.29, New open!!

Reclining seat

An industry first! The introduction of reclining seat!!

New Members Promotion!

New membership registration, "100yen for a private room in a hour"

Individual Air-conditioning Systems

Each private room is equipped with an air-conditioner which you can easily adjust according to your preference.


Reclining seat

Please enjoy the TV Programme you like and have a good rest here.There is a outlet for charging mobile phones.

Private rooms

Tasteful interior, only your own space. You can relax and spend your calm time in the perfectly soundproof, private room.


From popular to the newest! Many kinds of comics are arriving!

High-speed internet access

This is fast and not irritated to browse the internet or to play online games by high-end PCs have a high speed internet access.

For your business

We have installed Microsoft Office. That's perfect for buisiness with color laser printers and high-speed internet access!

One free drink

You can take a cup of drink from various choice of drinks. And also we sell at drink counter. We have espresso menus for ladies.


Using 12 hours and over, you can take shower any number of times. *Maximun 30 minuites at a time

Coin laundries and dryers

You can use freely coin laundries and dryers.

Rental "Samue"

We have started a rental "Samue"(Japanese monk's cloth)!Changing into more comfortable this cloth, and have a relaxed time! Rental fee 150yen a day

  • Appearance

  • Reception

  • Reclining seat

  • Hallway

  • Interior

  • Interior

  • Private room


Chuo Building 2F~6F,
1-6-5, Yaesu,
Chuo-ku, Tokyo

Phone Number.

Phone: +3-6262-5416

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